During development, we get a lot of feedback from you guys!
One of the best suggestions we've received is to expand our activities outside of the game (fan pages, groups, discord, etc.).

So we decided to open fanpage and Discord chat activities for English games:
- KungFu Arena 2D
- Soul Land Reloaded
- Magic Contract 3D

For those of you who have never "TOPUP a single penny" into the game, this is one of the biggest opportunities to get a coupon (10k - 20k - 30k COIN)!

We (GameFullVIP) will open activities for KungFu Arena 2D frist, and open more activities for the rest of the games in the coming days!

In short, help us grow the community, by sharing with more people; the more players, the more discount codes we send!

Just do a few tasks:

1. Leave a comment on this fanpage post with an image (or go to the Discord chat and send an image).





A reward is 10.000 COIN (= 50k GOLD) will send to your account (admin will send gifts at the end of the day)


2. Click the "Like" button on the fanpage GameFullVIP ENGLISH




Or copy:

Then "recommend Game Full VIP - English" and do a review.

After 24 hours (or admin online), he will add 10.000 COIN directly to your account!

3. (optional) Introduce these games to various groups (forums, discord, FB groups...)

You can share some game information and invite more friends to the game!
We will improve the referral system, if your friends register through the referral link and perform "TOPUP" you will receive a bonus of 5-7% of the value.
For instance, if your friend "TOPUP" $100, you will receive $7 (approximately 150,000 COINS).

Of course, the more subscribers you refer, the more COINS you will get!

4. (optional) Join the Discord chat for more information from the game and to chat with more friends.




Discord Server (or copy link):



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