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MU Immortal Legend: Idle H5 - boasts an auto-battle feature which allows you to fight your way through the game hands-free.


The game levels are designed vertically (on mobile) and horizotal (on PC/laptop) and can be easily played with just one hand, providing players with a relaxing gaming experience.



Moreover, the game offers idle elements that allow players to level up their character even while offline. When players return to the game, the character at a higher level, better equipped to take on challenging bosses.


Boss hunting is the key element in Immortal Legend, as defeating bosses is crucial to acquiring rare equipment that enhances the player's stats.


Along with fighting bosses, Immortal Legend boasts a cross-server guild war that you can join. Together with your guild, you can fight against other teams to win rewards and be seen as the top players. 



Server BOSS: GearBoss, ServerBOSS, HomeStead, Golden Demon Lord
CROSS-server BOSS: Boss Template, Warrior Template, Dark Template, Loch Template
Neutral BOSS: WORLD BOSS, Template BOSS, Siege WAR, Scarlet BOSS
Ethereal Realm BOSS with 50 types of BOSS and GOD BOSS

Solo Dungeons: Demon Tower, Daily Trial, Dark Abyss, Extreme Alter
EXP Dungeons: Bloody Land, Demon Fortress
Multiplayer Dungeons: Dragon Castle, Sacred Template, Spirit Gear Realm
Devil Trial Dungeon: Stealth Tower
Eudemon Island...

Cross-Server Guild War

Also, there are 800+ skins for characters, avatars, Mercenaries, and Fairies...
The game supports 100+ types of activities.