We've got a new big update for Soul Land! Please download new APK (from 26.08~30.08), old APK (current version) still playable for a few weeks!

Just go to and re-download!


What's new?

- New client (APK) supports FHD+ full screen

- New font (slim) and >8.000 lines of English translation, more attractive User Interfaces (UI)!





Cross Server Battle: METAL ABYSS. Open the third formation, total:

+ 12 soul masters in the main section and 12 more in the support section ( = 24 s.masters)

+ 6 Sprit Soul (Soul Beast)

+ 12 Devine Tools

The final goal of Metal Abyss: win 2/3 matches.




Soul Serect Skill, lit SoulFire:

+ add 1 Sprit Soul (Soul Beast) slot

+ increase all attributes (percent)


Encyclopedia of Hidden Weapons: all weapons can get up to +10% ATK or DEF.



- Reconfiguration all events

- Change and increase rewards for all shops and tasks


Fix a lot of bugs:

+ Soul Acension Platform: sometime you get error (code 22)

+ Sometime when 1 soul master deal over damage, system cannot accept result of battle

+ PVP: ultimate of LR s.master overpowerd (we will decrease them to lower, only affect on PVP)

+ GUILD battle: sometime you get error (code 22)