Festival Celebration


Time: 26.08.2022 ~ 10.09.2022

There are a lot of activies for you! Please access for more images! All events require a server launch after 8 days.

From 26.08~29.08


Smashing eggs


+ Cumulative consume (diamond)
Spend your diamond, you can get rewards! (Market purchase and marriage proposal consumption are not included)


+ Event drop

Killing bosses above level 235 will have a chance to drop event materials, which can be exchanged for rare rewards!


+ Item exchange

During the event period, collect event materials to exchange for rare rewards: wings, skins and rare items... 

 + Daily carnival

Completing the quests can accumulate progress, and the accumulated progress value can be rewarded!

+ Smashing eggs
Probability to refresh Easter eggs, rich rewards!





(From 02.09~04.09) 

Cross-server shopping

Cross Server is random "BUY" and "REWARD"! The item shows only the best thing you can get!

From 0:00~18:00 (GMT+7) only buy 5/1050 item!

After 18:00 (GMT+7) unlimit buy!

After 21:00 (GMT+7) check mail to get reward!





+ Children's ranking (server)

+ Children's purchase limit

+ Children's continuous charge

+ Children's goals

+ Children's treasure chest

+ Children's ranking (Cross-server)

+ Top-up activity

+ Exchange Item










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