First BigUpdate Mirage 3D


Dear our beloved players,
The first big update has arrived. We've opened up a lot of in-game activities and Hunt Cross BOSS drop Gold.

Time update: 28.05.2023 (05:00 GMT7)

NEW Activities from June 27 to July 1, 2023:

Emperor Wheel: Pink-Dragon Weapon (select box), Red-Loushu (select box), Divine Casting Stone...
Happy Shopping: GEM lv.10, Mount Skins, Level-Up Pill, Exorcism Stone, Soul Stone...
Legendary Sets (rare items with 50% off): Wings Fashion, Exorcism Stone, Demon God Pill (Red)...



Hunt Cross Boss Drop Gold! Please check it now:
- 58 BOSS(es) from Divine Realm (Cross bosses): Demon God, D. Realm, and Ancient will drop Gold and Binding Gold
- The Gold and B.Gold drop base on the Floor and level of BOSS:
+ F1 (>100Lv): 2,000 Binding Gold and 100 Gold (topup)
+ F2 (>320Lv): 3,000 Binding Gold and 300 Gold (topup)
+ F3 (>490Lv): 4,000 Binding Gold and 600 Gold (topup)
+ F4 (>610Lv): 5,000 Binding Gold and 980 Gold (topup)

- For a normal player (without topup), Hunt Cross Boss Floor 2 for a day can get 27,000 B.Gold and 2,700 Gold (topup)
- When you reach 610 level, hunt Cross BOSS daily = 45,000 B.Gold and 4,500 Gold

- Use "Little Helper" (Assistant): it never drops Gold or B.Gold, please hunt the Boss with your "real power"
- UI BOSS not shown the reward yet, we will update it today
- Admin will update more BOSS drop Gold in the future. Right now, it is a good way to start


And Guild Quizz (open at 20:45) already translated to English! The answer is right after the question.

Thank you for your support!