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Kungfu Arena is a high-quality 2D RPG martial arts card game that is built with the latest game engine and integrates a variety of playing methods such as breaking through, cultivation, strategy, adventure, and confrontation.
The brand-new 2D Next-Gen and aesthetically Kung-Fu world provides an immersive experience.

Begin your journey by collecting all of the famous heroes' Wuxia novels. 600+ heroes fight in an epic Kung-Fu war to become the leader of all sects.
Fight in the cross-server Wulin Tournament, defeat opponents, and become Central Divine.
Experience a deeply compelling storyline as well as a variety of skill effects.


[Fully compatible in 2023]
GameFullVIP spent lots of time upgrading all combat systems and rebalancing all heroes!
NEW UPGRADE: Android 11 and 12 compatibility!
NEW UPGRADE: Upgraded the UI from FullHD to FullHD+ (get 20% more space in combat; supports maximum screen resolution of 2560x1080).



[An open world to discover] 
Join millions of players in an open world! See, chat, and clash with them in this Kung-Fu game!
There are an infinite number of formation customizations to choose from.


[Strategic Gameplay] 
Every hero has a different use.
Create your own formations with smart strategy. With just one hero, you can turn the tide of the entire battle.


[Massive Collection] 
More than 600 collectible heroes are currently available, with more on the way.
Get Heaven's Letter as well as other legendary Wuxia items.
Flexible formation: outsmart your enemies and claim victory.


[Cross-server Tournament] 
Wulin Tournament: the ultimate challenge; fight against the greatest in the arena.
Guild War: Show the united power of your guild in fierce battles.


[Powerful Heroes] 
Recruit and upgrade heroes with powerful skills and abilities.
- Command all famous Wuxia novel heroes to fight for you, including Dongfang Bubai, Guo Jing, Dugu Qiubai, Qiao Feng, Yang Guo, and others.


[Various skill effects]
- Unique skills with stunning visuals! Engage in Kung-Fu battles in vivid graphics!
HD graphics in every frame! Effects are carefully designed, detail by detail.