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[KungFu Arena] EQUIPMENT Guide


The complete equipment guide for Kung Fu Arena! 

1. Where can I get Equipment?
There are many ways to get equipment, let's start with legendary items!

Go to "STORE > Treasure", refresh a few times, and buy it directly with 60,000 GOLD (30 pieces = 1 equipment)
It's not too expensive, buy it when you need it!

Activities: "Treasure Hunter", "Dragon Gate", "Heavenly Wheel", "Limited Time Event"
It is very varied, and depending on the time, the price will be cheaper than SHOP, but maybe it is not what you need! 


Sweep/RAID normal stages: sometime Mystery Businessman give you a special deal: Weapons, Gems and Almighty Soul- Legend *10
It's quite cheap, only 20,000 GOLD for one legendary item.


Raid Elite Stage: Legendary Equipment can be found at Stage 30+ (require 1M5 BP)


From Limited SHOP
(not open yet, but it's very cheap)


2. I want more DIVINE equiment, how can I get it?

In the next several updates (March 2023), Divine Equipment can be found at Elite Stage 50+ (requires 3M BP)
It will also be available in a "limited-time SHOP" and at a "limited-time event."

3. Upgrade Equipment, how many BP can I get?

You will get around 350-500 levels in a week of game play.All functions related to Equipment will be opened.


- Forge can add 1 extra slot attribute in RINSE and REFINE

= In RINSE, keeping the PERCENT value, it give more BP


Normally, an item with 7 stars has 200 level enhancement, 14/20 refinement, 100 forgings, and an upgrade to magic aid (fumo) level 4 is:

110,000 BP

The Battle Power can increase up to 230,000/item!

Screenshots preview all functions!