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BigUpdate 2.0 - DEMON GATE

We are preparing the first major update for 2023. 
Update time: January 5, 2023 


DemonGate open when main character get 400+ level. 

What's news?
7 vs. 7, the massive strategy from here
- Matrix Formation adds lots of attributes to Wuxia
- More Powererfull BOSS (from T4 of Demon Gate, 3.000.000 BP will be fine)



EXPLORE The Infinity Matrix , find chests and knock down PROTECCTOR.





GFV release new wuxia: Dharma

The founder of Zhongtu Shaolin faction and the only one to master its 72 techniques.

A strong defensive (tanker) hero that excels in protecting his allies.


More optimization:

Add 5 new Wuxia (can be recruited in the coming events). 

  • Xiaoyao Zi
  • XiaoFeng
  • Cheng Kun
  • Murong Long
  • Duan Zhengchun


Optimize skill translation, more accurate


Update SHOP VIP (VIP16 to VIP25) with multiple items:

  • Hero Stone - Legend
  • Hero Stone-Divine
  • Almighty Soul- Legend
  • Almighty Soul- Divine
  • Red Flame Stone (upgrade Special Skill of Legendary/Divine Wuxia and Breakthrough to 11-15 stars)
  • Dragon Soul Pill  (upgrade Divine Wuxia and Breakthrough to 11 stars)


VIP Reward should be back in next few days!


Hidden Secret: How to get some "weird" Divine Wuxia (red quality)?

There are two boxes with 11 Divine Wuxia in Elite Stage, maps 30 and 37; you can choose 2/11.It free!



Three bugs will be handled:
1. After level 200, "Examination" (quick guide to increase BP) cannot access
2. VIP level cannot access (only VIP31+)
3. Lag and disconnect from the server (reduce server response time , from 4-6 seconds to 1-3 seconds)