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Hey, I've got some exciting news to share with you! A BIGUPDATE comes this month (April).


- There are a bunch of new activities. Including:
+ Delete almost old activities reward
+ Updated rewards and new items: red/divine equipment
+ Plus, we've optimized some existing events like HeavenWheel, Lightning Stealth, and Treasure Hunt....

TREASURE HUNT give almost rare items and Divine Shards.


Lightning Stealth update all reward with rare resource



Speaking of wuxia, our main character can now upgrade from Legendary to Divine
- Added a limited-time activity that lets you swap your Main hero soul to a Main hero "blood" soul (rate 20:1)

Other wuxia
- All Divine wuxia(s) can upgrade from 10 stars to 15 stars with new items
- Item need (new items): can be purchased in the store or earned through new activities











(not finished yet)

New Maps (normal/elite dungeon)
+ Right now, we have 39 chapters available, but GameFullVIp is working on adding an additional 29 maps
+ You'll get access to more red/divine equipment and wuxia/heroes

- Immeasureable Mountain: update 500+ stage
- North Cave: update 100+ stage

Deployment Formation:
- Strengthen (re-cast attributes): using Magic Plate from the Demon Gate to enhance main attributes

PET System:
- Train (fostering) PET

We've also fixed some bugs that were previously reported.