We've noticed a few bugs and are preparing a major update next week.

1. GameFullVIP gives you a lot of codes 
Please login and check all codes from 1.4.2023! From VIP0-VIP9 (VIP on website) can get up-to 350.000 COIN (gift codes)!

For any player who gets VIP7-VIP9, you can get an extra 200.000 COIN gift code!

Why don't you upgrade your VIP level right now and enjoy lifetime benefits from us?

For a VIP9 player, every month you can get 1.000.000 COIN from gift codes! And yeah, it applies to all games in our portal!


There is a 40–60% promotion right now!

2. SVIP level (ingame)

Here is the list!


3. Update new events
Almost every event should be updated (require server open 7 days)

4. Bugs fix

a. Fix the task get reward from "Red Fortress" (require login exactly time with only 10 min). So it impossible for almost players.

Quest name: Take part in Red Fortress Competitive Mode once
Quest decrible: Ample rewards at 12:15 and 21:15 daily await to be claimed by you
Quest decrible: Ample rewards at 19:30 and 19:40 daily await to be claimed by you

b. (updating....)



Starting April 2023, we will send you lots of free codes and bonuses for FREE PLAYER (VIP0)! You will receive more if you top up and increase your VIP level on the website.

Please comback in middle month (15.04) - there are lots of codes for you!




Also, for any player who gets VIP7-VIP9, you can get an extra 200.000 COIN gift code! You can find it in homepage:


Giftcode infomation:

  • 200.000 COIN - 1 time use
  • Please select package 186.000 COIN =  618.000 diamond (or higher package)
  • The first time topup, package 186k COIN give you 1.236.000 diamond (1M2)

As a result, GameFullVIP provides you with numerous privileges and benefits for at least 10 years.

We have fun together today, right?


Thank you for your support!