[New Player] The Ultimate guide


Quick Start: HERO - GEAR (Evaa S17):

Link to Google Docs



The Ultimate guide of Soul Land Reloaded 2023 (Evaa S17):

Link to Google Docs



Unlock functions & Hidden weapon & spirit souls (Evaa S17):

Link to Google Docs



We (GameFullVIP) will seperate segment and spilt it to multiple posts! Here is the list:


1.  VIP guide, pumpkins, giftcodes (and Free COIN)


2. Quick tips: Start game, form a squad, and increase your BP


3. Main Functions: Story, Arena, Slaughter City, Trials, Soul Beast, Resources...


4. Hidden weapon - spirit souls - God arm...


5. Sects and all the things you should know


6. Cross-server activities


7. (updating...)

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